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Build A Trust In Your Relation

Building any relation without any doubts, misunderstandings, and dishonesty is a dream of everyone. Every relationship demands love, respect, care, loyalty, honesty, and trust. To develop a more trustworthy, strong, and long term loving relation with your couple/partner/spouse, then install our app “”.

Through this app, you allow your partner access to your phone and your partner/couple also allows you the access of his/her phone too. In this way, you both share and access each other’s phone data like call history, sms logs, photos, videos, and GPS location updates in a secure and reliable manner. So you can experience trust and more honesty in your relationship without any doubts and concerns.


Features you love

Simple and Cost Effective

The simplicity of this app makes it more reliable and user friendly. It is easy to use with no complex procedures.

A Couple monitor uses internet connection on your phone to send messages, so you can avoid sms fees.

Instant Notifications

Get Instant Notification of all activity on your loved one’s device, like Calls, SMS, Photos, Videos, and location updates. Snooze notifications if you want to take a break. Feel more connected to your lover, and know what’s going on in their life!.


End-to-end encrypted, your messages and calls are secured so no one can access them.

Discover our Loving Couples App

Watch the video to discover how our app helps keep lovers more connected.


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Steps to install APP

You and your couple/partner connect it easily by sharing each other’s email address and connection key.


Live chat when you needed

Enjoy instant chat with your couple on the go.


Monitor Partner Location

Instant Location update from your couple to see how they are faring.


Execute Commands

Perform commands on your couples device anytime.


Share Moments that Matter

Unlimited Video and Audion calls with your couple on the go.


Real Time Notifications

Notification timeline of both mobile.

Install your App

1: In Settings menu go to “Security” tab.

2: Turn on “Unknown sources”

3: Install app


dual phone
dual phone

  • 1
    Create an Account

    Each of you, install the app on your android and ios devices.

  • 2
    Connect as a Couple

    You just need to enter Connection key generated by the application, and also the preferred email address.

  • 3
    Enjoy your life as a happy, loving couple!

    That's it, each of you will now have instant notification of each other’s activities to keep each other in the loop, and grow closer.


App Screenshots

See the App in action and understand how it connects you with the one you love!


Upgrade to Pro

TRIAL 5 Free Days
    Call, SMS and MMS logs
    Screen Recording
    Screen Cast
    Camera Recording
    Cam Cast
    Viewing pictures
    Make Audio and Video Calls

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I try the Couples’ App before I buy?

You have five days trial with unlimited functionalities.

What payment methods do you accept?

We use as a payment method which is totally secure and protected by Norton Antivirus.

Can I diconnect from my Couple?

Yes, you can disconnect with your couple by selecting disconnect option provided by the application

Is my Data information Protected?

Yes, and eventually your data deleted from our server after few days.

Download Anywhere

Download on your iOS and Android devices.

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