Secured & Reliable App –Privacy Concerns –Couple Monitor App


'Couple Monitor' app is now available, to help the family to build a stronger relationship.

Using ''Couple Monitor’’ DOES NOT mean that you will be stealing data or secretly monitoring and doing hidden tracking to the users. On the contrary, users authorise their family using the EMAIL and CONNECTION KEY. All of the logs/information are Visible on application Main Screen. We utilize google firebase services to share and secure your information which is eventually deleted from our servers the following few days.


In order to be compliant with Google Developer Policy, the app

The app displays notification whenever the app runs in background informing users that the app is running in background.

The app doesn't start collecting SMS and Call details by default. The app has permission dialog that needs to be enabled by user explicitly on start.

ATTENTION: You CANNOT hide this application. You CANNOT use this software like a spyware and CANNOT use this software for secretly monitoring

You can use DISCONNECT option to end connectivity with your family anytime.

if you continue, the following data will be collected from your device and automatically send to our server:

-internet status: to improve our data transfer logic.

manufacture, phone model, android version: to improve our service and let you know if there some specifically errors are know for your device

-location provider settings: to let you know if you can use location service

You can disable collecting of these information at any time.

-location/ location movement

- contacts name and phone number

- sms and mms

- call logs / call records

- name and thumbnail of photos (original photos are never shared)

- name and thumbnail of videos (original videos are never shared)

- camera / microphone usage

-audio and video calls

Your Family can run following commands on your phone and you will be notified through notification.

- Turn Off/On Touch light

- Record Audio

- Record Video

- Capture Screenshot


- Record Screen Video

-Audio and Video Calls

The main permissions application is using

+ READ PHONE STATE - whether the phone or display is ON, internet connection

+ LOCATION SERVICE - find location of the user

+ INTERNET - for communication to server

+ READ CALL LOG - log the call records

+ CAMERA - to take photo, record video and Camcast, Video Calls

+ AUDIO - to record audio, Audio and Video Calls

+ SMS and MMS - log the sms and mms record

+ STORAGE - to store the information locally

+ PHONE - to log phone call and record calls

+ SCREEN CAPTURING - to capture the screenshot, to record screen video and screencast

+ DEVICE ADMINISTRATOR - to disable user from wipe app data and run the app in background

This app uses the Device Administrator permission.

For personalized ads , advertisers and ad providers will collect some data like device identifiers and use cookies or other local storage.

If you don't agree at this conditions, please close the app and uninstall it.